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Studies Prove You Can Reverse Diabetes With A Low Carb Diet

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

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New Major Scientific Medical Study: Low Carb Diet Causes Remission of Type 2 Diabetes, Eliminates Need for Insulin / Medications in Some Patients Study Review by Paul Kolodzik, MD, FACEP, FASAM Medical Director, MetabolicMDs January 18. 2021 In a systematic review...

In a systematic review published in a respected medical journal this week researchers found that Type 2 diabetes patients who followed a low-carb diet for six months or longer were more likely to achieve remission compared to those who did not.

The research was published in the very respected British Medical Journal (BMJ), and was a “metanalysis” study. A metanalysis study is a study that looks at the original study data of many different researchers. It then combines the data of these multiple researchers to draw a conclusion on the overall results of the combined study data.

BMJ researchers found that those diabetics who strictly adhered to a low-carb diet experienced a 32% greater rate of remission at six-months in comparison to those who did not follow a low carbohydrate diet. It was also found that study patients following the low carb diet had greater weight loss and achieved a more significant lowering of body fat percentage.

Those following the low carb diet approach did not experience any adverse effects from the diet. Many, but not all patients were able to do decrease their diabetic medication requirements. Some patients were able to eliminate the need for medication altogether, even the need for insulin.

It’s important to note that the patients were not “cured” of diabetes. Though the underlying condition of diabetes remains in these patients, the remission of symptoms, the adverse effects of high blood glucose, and the need for medication was eliminated for a period of time. Unlike prediabetes, which can be completely and permanently reversed with a low carb diet, diabetics in remission may have a recurrence of symptoms and need medication again in the future.

Never the less, the remission of diabetes with a low carb diet can halt progression toward the potential devastating conditions that occur in many diabetic patients. These conditions include diagnoses such as heart disease, kidney disease, peripheral vascular disease, neuropathy, stroke, and dementia. By putting diabetes in remission, the potential for these serious problems is reduced.

At MetabolicMDs we have helped many patients return their blood sugar and A1C percentages to normal levels and have helped them reduce their diabetic medication requirements. Similarly, with a low carbohydrate diet approach we have helped many prediabetic patients eliminate prediabetes, and the risk of likely progression to a diagnosis of diabetes. For more information, please contact our office.


For more information on the recent study in the BMJ, and additional background information on how low carb diets can put diabetes into remission, please visit the following links:

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