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Metabolic syndrome

What is Metabolic Health?

We know you have heard “metabolic health” because it is synonymous with “how can I lose weight?” Taking care of metabolic health is quickly becoming an important purpose for many Americans. Metabolic health means personal health parameters are optimized including normal numbers for predictors of chronic disease such as:

  • fasting blood sugar levels,

  • waist circumference,

  • blood pressure,

  • triglycerides,

  • high-density lipoprotein (HDL),

  • cholesterol.


You may not know your current blood sugar, blood pressure, or blood lipid level, however, if you’re taking one or more medications to keep them under control — or if you’ve been told by a healthcare provider that you have metabolic syndrome or prediabetes — you’re probably not in optimal metabolic health. And this means you are at risk for serious health conditions in the near future and as you age. Serious health conditions caused by poor metabolic health include:

  • diabetes,

  • heart disease,

  • congestive health failure,

  • peripheral vascular disease,

  • stroke.

Most people do not have routine blood work checked and may be unaware of their abnormal levels. 50% of prediabetics in the United States are unaware of their abnormal numbers and therefore, are on a path to diabetes. 

About the Program

How to take care of your metabolic health?

Taking steps now to improve or protect your metabolic health pays off in the long run. The primary benefit of good metabolic health when you are young or middle aged, is the avoidance of the serious conditions mentioned above, both in the near term and as you age. Taking care of your metabolic health now greatly increases the likelihood of you being healthy and active into your senior years. 

An improvement in metabolic health now will make you feel better immediately with:

  • less fatigue,

  • less mental cloudiness,

  • better sleep,

  • energy to be more active and productive,

  • avoid expensive medications with potential dangerous side effects.


Prediabetes can be completely reversed with good metabolic health and diabetes can be put in complete remission (no need to take medications to lower blood sugar). High cholesterol and hypertension can also be eliminated.  

PART 1- Metabolic Program

PART 2- Metabolic Program

PART 3- Metabolic Program

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