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Work One-On-One with Nationally Recognized Weight Loss

& Metabolic Health Specialist Paul Kolodzik, MD.

  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) For Weight Loss, Optimal Health

  • Physician-Guided Program: Low Carb Diet, Intermittent Fasting & Exercise Plan

  • GLP-1 Medications if Requested. 

Weight Loss in 3 Easy Steps

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Tell Us About Your Weight Loss & Health Goals (Complete Consult Request Form).

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Receive Complimentary One-on-One Telephone Consultation with Dr. Paul.

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Comprehensive plan

Schedule Two-Week Telemedicine Weight Loss & Health Improvement Plan: 

  • Includes two telemedicine visits with Dr. Paul.

  • Initial Session: Full Intake Metabolic Health & Weight Loss Evaluation

  • This is Followed by Lab Tests &Two Weeks of 24/7 CGM monitoring

  • Second Telemedicine Session - CGM Data & Lab Results Discussion With Dr. Paul

  • Second Session Includes Discussion of Diet, Fasting, Exercise,  Weight Loss & Health Improvement Plan

  • Optional Discussion of GLP-1 Treatment as Part of Plan


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Part 1

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MetabolicMD program is designed to work in collaboration with primary care physicians, OB/GYN, orthopedics, cardiology, gastroenterology, psychiatrists, mental health therapists, and more. This multi- faceted comprehensive weight loss approach includes: 

  • CGM monitoring with physician tracking

  • Insulin resistance reduction

  • Low carb & intermittent fasting medical guidance

  • Exercise programs that target weight loss

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Comprehensive metabolic health program to lose weight is available as 100% VIRTUAL telemedicine services:
Ohio, Indiana, Florida, Arizona.

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MetabolicMD accepts insurance for lab work services. Other patients services, visits, and medications may incur out-of-pocket costs or may be partially reimbursed to patients with PPO insurance, Flexible Spending Accounts, and Health Savings Accounts.  We provide receipts for submission to insurance, HSA, and FSA accounts. Medicare and Medicaid coverage is not accepted for physician services.

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Get Dr. Paul Kolodzik's New Book! 

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