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Low Dosing, A Low Carb Diet, & An Exercise Regimen Facilitate Getting Off the Medication Without Weight Regain. 

The best dose for Semaglutide is the lowest dose that is needed to achieve effective weight loss. Unfortunately, many patients are treated with higher than necessary dosing, and also are not being prescribed the medication a as part of a comprehensive weight loss and health improvement program. They become dependent on the medication because of the high risk of weight regain when discontinuing the medication. Lower dosing and lifestyle changes while under treatment can eliminate the need for long term use of this medication.  

When & How Should These Medications be Prescribed for Weight Loss?

Metabolic MD only prescribes semaglutide with a focus on using lower doses and only as part of a comprehensive weight loss and metabolic health program. 

We use these medications in two instances:

  • For a patient who wants to get a “jump start” on their weight loss program, but only with the understanding that other lifestyle changes be implemented simultaneously 

  • Temporarily (usually a period of months) for a patient who stalls or plateaus during their weight loss effort, despite participation in a comprehensive program focused on diet and exercise lifestyule changes.

A primary goal for our patients when prescribing these medications, is that their use be temporary. We do not believe semaglutide should be prescribe to patients in a manner that commits them to lifetime dependence. This is why we only use them as part of a comprehensive program that includes:

  • A focused low carb diet.

  • Intermittent fasting.

  • An exercise regimen with a focus on strength training.

  • Health Coach support. 

Metabolic MD believes in utilizing the lowest dose necessary to achieve effective weight loss. This is for two reasons. Avoiding high doses helps to avoid wight regain when patients are titrated back down and off the medication. Also, higher doses of medication can result in significant muscle loss. Lower dosing (in conjunction with the strength training guidance we provide) helps avoid muscle loss. This is especially important for older patients and in women at risk for osteoporosis. 

Metabolic MD offers Generic Compounded Semaglutide at a lower cost to our patients in comparison to the out-of-pocket cost of the brand name medications. The monthly cost is usually about one third the out-of-pocket cost for the brand name medications. 

“Begin With the End in Mind”

Remember, the best weight loss program for Ozempic includes a plan for eventually stopping the medication. Low dosing, a low carb diet, Intermittent fasting, and an exercise regimen facilitate getting off the medication without weight regain.

How Can I Learn More?


If you have an interest in being prescribed Semaglutide (Ozempic/Wegovy) as part of a comprehensive weight loss and metabolic health program please contact Metabolic MD at this link for a complimentary phone consultation. 

Our initial goal is to work with patients and guide them in the process of determining if they are eligible for insurance coverage of Ozempic or Wegovy. If not, we offer our patients the option of compounded generic semaglutide. 

Please click on the above link and complete our short patient inquiry form, and a member of the Metabolic MD team will be in touch with you to arrange your no cost phone consultation. This form is also on our website under the Contacts Tab.

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